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Sattaking143 Guessing

Kalyan day..1...0 Jodi.. Pana..489.579.136.389. Good luck. RAJDHANI DAY 777777777777 777777777777 777777777777 777777777777 555555555555 555555555555 223_________77________566 124_________72_________228 Suport____75_____57_____52 Time opan sigal ((( 2 ))) ((( 7 ))) ((( 24.29 ))) ((( 74.79 ))) Gud luck allll Kalyan open 666666666666 666666666 666666 Single jodi =____61_____ Sup =____87_____
ALL SATTA MATKA CARDS (PANNA) 100-[[ 1 ]]-777 128-137-146-236-245- 290-380-470-489-560- 678-579-119-155-227- 335-344-399-588-669 200-[[ 2 ]]-444 129-138-147-156-237- 246-345-390-480-570- 679-589-110-228-255- 336-499-660-688-778 300-[[ 3 ]]-111 120-139-148-157-238- 247-256-346-490-580- 670-689-166-229-337- 355-445-599-779-788 400-[[ 4 ]]-888 130-149-158-167-239- 248-257-347-356-590- 680-789-112-220-266- 338-446-455-699-770 500-[[ 5 ]]-555 140-159-168-230-249- 258-267-348-357-456- 690-780-113-122-177- 339-366-447-799-889 600-[[ 6 ]]-222 123-150-169-178-240- 259-268-349-358-457- 367-790-114-277-330- 448-466-556-880-899 700-[[ 7 ]]-999 124-160-179-250-269-278-340-359-368-458- 467-890-115-133-188-223-377-449-557-566 800[[ 8 ]]-666 125-134-170-189-260- 279-350-369-378-459- 567-468-116-224-233-288-440-477-558-990 900[[ 9 ]]-333 126-135-180-234-270- 289-360-379-450-469- 117-478-568-144-199- 225-388-559-577-667 550-[[ 0 ]]-000 127-136-190-235-280- 334-370-479-460-569- 118-578-668-244-299- 226-488-550-677-389
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Time Bazar Jodi Chart Kalyan Jodi Chart Ratan Jodi Chart Jodi Bazar Jodi Chart Milan Day Jodi Chart Milan Night Jodi Chart Madhur Day Jodi Chart Madhur Night Jodi Chart Rajdhani Day Jodi Chart Rajdhani Night Jodi Chart Main Ratan Jodi Chart Puna Bazar Jodi Chart Main Mumbai (RK) Jodi Chart ATM Draw Jodi Chart ATM Night Jodi Chart Maya Bazar Jodi Chart Maya Bazar Night Jodi Chart Plan Tic Day Jodi Chart Plan Tic Night Jodi Chart
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